My Latest Projects & Partnerships

Throughout my career, I have contributed to a wide array of projects, fostering long-term partnerships and completing numerous assignments. Below are highlights of my projects and the enduring relationships I've established over the years.


3D showroom application with hotspots in which you can display & update informations, images or videos. Built with React, Three.js. and contentful as headless CMS. (In progress)


Blog website build with NextJS, TailwindCSS and as headless CMS.


As a member of the core team, I have been providing ongoing support to Sangfroid with Webflow development for over three years and continue to do so.


A multi-language website built with Webflow.


I provide ongoing development support for Mixpanel, Uscreen and Webflow to Kursinsel as part of their team.

Targeted Provision

Also a website built with Webflow. The CMS is connected to Airtable through whalesync. I provide ongoing support to the team.